Case study ELEKS: How to get your employer brand recognized with EB Stars Award?

ELEKS has been honoured with the prestigious Employer Branding Stars Award 2023, along with two Special Titles: Employer Branding Star and Candidate Experience! Discover how to prepare your case for an application and involve related teams into cooperation from our best practice.

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, establishing your company as a preferred employer is crucial. The Employer Branding Stars Award, presented by the Employer Branding Institute (EBI), not only acknowledges a company’s success in promoting a positive workplace culture but also rewards excellence in specific areas like candidate experience. ELEKS proudly shares the strategic journey that led to winning this esteemed award and two special titles in 2023.

The Decision to Participate

ELEKS’s commitment to enhancing its employer brand, both within the organization and externally, motivated the decision to apply for the EBnavi Stars Award. This initiative was part of a broader strategy to assess our practices against market benchmarks and our rigorous standards, aiming to identify our strengths and areas for improvement.

About the Employer Branding Institute

Founded in 2011, the Employer Branding Institute stands as one of Poland’s pioneering organizations in employer branding. It operates independently, utilizing advanced data-driven algorithms to evaluate and recognize the best in employer branding management globally.

Our Application Journey

The comprehensive application process for the EBnavi Stars Award involved responding to a detailed survey covering a wide range of employer branding aspects. This included internal and external communications, candidate and employee journeys, talent attraction, well-being, inclusiveness, and corporate social responsibility.

Stages and the EBnavi Model

Receiving the Employer Branding Star Title and the Candidate Experience Special Title signifies scoring above 50% in the overall brand diagnosis. These awards validate a company’s success in building a strong employer brand and excellence in candidate experience, respectively. Awarded in a specific year, these titles are accompanied by recognition in selected categories that highlight the company’s distinct advantages.

The EBnavi model is integral to this evaluation, analyzing data across the candidate and employee lifecycle to provide a normative framework with monthly updates. It considers global and local benchmarks to deliver clear insights and tailored strategy recommendations.

Team Collaboration and Challenges

Achieving these awards underscored the importance of collaboration across various departments, including recruiting, HR management, and learning and development. This team effort was crucial in presenting a cohesive and genuine depiction of our employer brand.

Results, Insights, and Recognition

Winning the award and Special Titles brought immense pride to ELEKS, alongside valuable feedback through a comprehensive report. This feedback highlighted our brand’s strengths and outlined areas for further improvement. Kateryna Andrushchenko, Head of Employee Relations at ELEKS, reflected on this achievement, saying:

Receiving the Employer Branding Stars Award and the Special Titles is a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating an exemplary workplace and enriching the candidate experience. This accolade is a significant milestone for ELEKS, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in all facets of our operations.

Advice for Applicants

  • Begin with Detailed Preparation: Start your application process early, ensuring you have enough time to compile a thorough presentation.
  • Engage Diverse Teams: Involve teams from different departments early on to capture a comprehensive view of your employer brand.
  • Maintain Transparency: Be honest and open in your application, focusing on real achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Highlight Your Distinctiveness: Clearly articulate what sets your employer brand apart, especially in terms of culture, benefits, and diversity initiatives.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The Employer Branding Stars Award, along with the Special Titles of Employer Branding Star and Candidate Experience, provides a prestigious platform for companies to benchmark their employer branding initiatives and celebrate their achievements. For ELEKS, the journey to receiving these honors was as enriching as the recognition itself, serving as a strategic tool for continuous improvement. We encourage other organizations to embrace this opportunity, using it to strengthen their employer brand and enhance their workplace culture.

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