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We promote, support, grow and integrate Polish software companies. We unite the industry searching for synergies and co-operations.

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What we do

Promotional Abroad Activities

Strong brand of a Software Development community. We promote the industry worldwide.

Internal Collaboration

Cooperation between Members. Exchange of leads and software developers.

Legal & Dotations

Mutual agreements, access to legal files, GDPR regulations checklist and many other documents.

Meetings & Networking

General activities of SoDA, organization of annual conferences and networking.

Sales & Marketing

B2B matchmaking meetings, co-operations with other Industry Associations, access to potential leads.


Events, Webinars and Seminars for our members. We create education materials and share the know-how.

What is SoDA

What is SoDA?

What is SoDA?

SoDA is an organization representing IT Service Business Sector in Poland. Our goal is to connect different industry players and to provide useful tools to our members.


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What advantages does the SoDA membership confer to new members ?

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Membership Benefits
  • Exchanging knowledge, specialists, resources, and projects. By joining forces with SoDA, companies benefit in various aspects.
  • One of them is the opportunity to embark on foreign business missions and participation in industry events, often out of reach for smaller entities.
  • Joining forces in market activities - collective participation in industry events.
  • Technical cooperation - substantive meetings enabling experience and knowledge exchange.



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