The limitless potential of IoT future — DoConnect case study

Whenever people ask me about the meaning of the Internet of Things (IoT),
I use my own example defined for a non-technical audience: physical objects consist of sensors communicating with the cloud (a place equipped with software) through the internet. Once the data is received by the cloud, the software processes it and decides to act on physical devices, without human interference.

Nowadays we are surrounded by IoT every day: whether it’s in our home (wireless heating systems, smart devices taking care of our safety), our cars (over-the-air updates system keep us from having to go to the dealer just for car software update) or our offices (triggering specific actions based on the entrance and exit times of workers).

However, thinking more broadly and from the perspective of people associated with the creation of software, the future of IoT has the potential to be limitless. Advances to the industrial internet will be accelerated through increased business and economic agility, artificial intelligence (AI), and the capacity to deploy automate, and secure diverse use cases at hyper-scale. It’s not only about enabling billions of devices simultaneously but leveraging the huge volumes of data that can easily automate business processes in every industry. New businesses will edge furthermore into IT and data-driven decisions opening entire new streams of revenue.

In DO OK we believe, the software is a transformational force that will eventually drive all things to be powered, digitized, and connected for better business outcomes and people’s lives. The IoT refers to the device that transfers data over a network that generates unimaginable amounts of data. Many organizations are clueless about how to manage this amount of data and how the data may have an impact on their decisions and people’s future if they use them properly. Also, no organization will ignore this data if it’s related to customers and their personal information. That’s why we made DoConnect for small to medium enterprise managers, to help address both business continuity and growth of operational efficiency goals. We’ve built a platform that combines human-AI with machine learning to deliver significant insights collected horizontally from overlapping industries. These actions will be food for brains to empower employees, asset performance, health care efficiency, risk or compliance management, and wherever advanced data analysis and remote control are needed. Companies may not need Big Data at all, what often managers need, is an evidence-based structure for their business to support decisions.

The DoConnect solution supports, among others, companies operating in the area of smart homes, safety in apartment buildings, or finance. By supporting and co-creating life-changing solutions, we are aware of the responsibility including specific areas in IoT and the impact on the functioning of the businesses we work with, and the value the end-users get. With smart heaters connected to our IoT solution, energy and money are saved and finally, the excessive heating of apartments is reduced. The highly advanced multi-sensor that detects smoke, movements, temperature, and humidity by sending data through DoConnect is increasing the quality of life and safety in large apartment buildings. And the traditional piggy bank receives a new digital dimension, helping children and adults to talk about money and creating good saving habits from an early age. DoConnect is an evidence-driven IoT Cloud platform, where thousands of device-experts are gathering dispersed information to capture the collective wisdom from the landscape of their business.

Tomasz Honsza, Project Leader & Authorized Signatory at DO OK

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