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  • 1000ideas
    Kraków, Poland
    Advertising and Marketing, Business, Consumer products and services
    Angular, Ionic, JavaScript, Laravel, Magento, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, React, Symfony, TypeScript, Vue.js, WordPress
  • 10A
    Automotive, Fashion, Finances, FMCG, HR, Insurance
    Android, Ionic, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, Oracle, PHP, React, ReactNative
  • 10Clouds
    Warszawa, Poland
    Business, Finances, IT
    Angular, AWS, DevOps, Django, Docker, Elixir, Firebase, Flutter, Java, Jenkins, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Next.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js, Objective-C, Python, React, React Native, Swift, Vue.js
  • 300devs
    Lublin, Poland
    Business, Government services, Medicine
    Android, Angular, AWS, iOS, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, Symfony, TypeScript, Unity3D, Vue.js, WordPress
  • 6Minded
    AI, B2B systems, Internet of Things, IT, Logistics, New technology, Outsourcing of specialists and IT projects, SaaS, Telecommunication, Transport
    HubSpot, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress
  • Acaisoft
    San Jose, CA, United States
    Business, Finances, IT
    React Native
  • AIsthetic Solutions
    Automotive, Cybersecurity, Finances, Insurance
    Angular, AWS, Java, JavaScript, React, TypeScript
  • Amsterdam Standard
    AdTech, Marketplace, Sustainability, Ticketing system
    .NET, Angular, JavaScript, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, React, Symfony, Vue.js
  • Angry Nerds
    Wrocław, Poland
    Automotive, E-commerce, Education, Fitness and Sport, Forestry, Gastronomy, Logistics, Medicine, Production, Real estate, Tourism
    Wrocław, Poland
    Aircraft, E-commerce, IT, Tourism
    .NET, Android, Angular, AWS, C#, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, React, React Native, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, TypeScript, WordPress

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