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About Engineered in Poland

The Engineered in Poland project is coordinated by the Software Development Association Poland (SoDA); a credible voice in the IT industry that promotes Polish IT knowledge and talent on the global stage.

Outsourcing IT services is becoming a popular option for organisations as they look to scale up their operations, accelerate growth and embrace digital transformation. Polish companies are ready to meet the needs of organisations across the globe. Our experts are ready to share their skills with the world. 

Project constantly emphasizes that Polish IT specialists have a great chance for an international career, thanks to their motivation to work, analytical sense and the ability to deal with even the most difficult problems.

Project Idea

Project Idea

Engineered in Poland shows the potential of Poland as a leading outsourcing country. Here you can find examples of the innovative products and software services tailor-made by engineers from Polish companies.

Innovative products and software services

And the Poles? Like nowhere else, mainly thanks to history, they are characterized by a unique set of traits and skills: accuracy and meticulousness, work motivation and consistency and coping with problems.

Polish projects are innovative

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, also in Poland. In 2022, there were over 131,000 polish companies in IT industry. 

Unique set of skills
and traits

Polish projects are innovative and tailored to the current needs and conditions. In addition, the location (GMT + 2 time zone), cultural immediacy, and proximity of major European financial centers facilitate remote work.

Outsourcing IT? Think Poland

Outsourcing IT


Thanks to advanced research, Polish developers create some of the most impressive software in the industry, offering flawless IT infrastructure.


Poland is arguably the best outsourcing destination in the world to stay close to important places for business.


With its convenient proximity to other countries, travelling to and from Poland is simple. Poland also shares time zones with numerous European countries, making communication between businesses easy and convenient.


Poland takes regulation and security very seriously. In fact, the infamous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was first introduced in Poland, and is now compulsory in all European Union countries.

Soft Skills

Poland ranks 16th out of 100 countries in the English Proficiency Index, with high proficiency mark – the second-highest mark a country can get.

Technical Skills

Poland often hosts the most important Agile events, allowing teams to be adept with Agile.


Showcasing the importance of the IT sector, Polish developers are among the youngest globally to begin learning code. We’re passionate about ensuring young people receive a digital education to ready them for the workforce.

Stable economy

Poland offers significantly lower labour costs compared to surrounding countries. This means that outsourcing is cost-effective and affordable for businesses interested in outsourcing software development.


As an avid supporter of diversity and inclusion within the IT sector, Poland is continuously striving to grow the number of female IT specialists.

Case studies


Why choose Poland for IT Outsourcing?

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About SoDA

Engineered in Poland is driving by SoDA – Software Development Association Poland. SoDA is an organization of leading Polish technology companies with the mission to integrate and develop the Polish IT industry globally

SoDA works with over 200 companies with Polish and foreign capital throughout the country, and employs more than 47,000 employees in Poland. 

SoDA creates an IT community to develop networking and knowledge sharing between member companies. 





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