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Learn about the benefits of networking at

Learn about the benefits


The possibility of hiring employees for projects against a fixed rate. The bench in SoDA is facilitated by dedicated channels on Slack and the Principles of Good Practice in SoDA.

Industry meetings

A chance for exchanging contacts and networking among specialists and managers.


An opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences as well as access to the latest technological innovations.

Company development

Access to training and attractive discounts for employees within one membership fee.

Public Advocacy and Law

SoDA is the voice of the Polish IT industry. We represent the industry in the media, and we also offer support in the form of consultations on legislative changes and in acquiring grants.

Representation of the industry in the media

A chance to present Polish programmers and software in the Polish and foreign media.

Everyone benefits

Regardless of the size of the company, everyone can benefit from the SoDA offer. Each employee can benefit from know-how and attractive partnerships within one membership fee.


One membership fee enables to gain valuable experience and discounts in SoDA.

How to join SoDA?

How to join

1st step

Fill in the form with your company’s details.

2nd step

Please contact your SoDA consultant.

3rd step

Complete the formalities and enjoy our offer.

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What do member companies say about us?

About us

SoDA actively participates in the creation of new Polish law and in representing the business environment of IT companies in contacts with offices of all levels and government agencies. I remember with pleasure the last year cooperation between specialists from our company and SoDA during public consultations related primarily to the new regulations on remote work, whistleblowers, foreigners and, above all, the Polish Deal.

Konrad Gierula

Legal Counsel

Luxoft Poland Sp. z o.o.

Membership in SoDA gave us access to people and other companies from the IT industry on a partnership basis. The relaxed atmosphere facilitates networking, it allows us to exchange experiences on many levels. From C-level meetings where current problems are discussed and industry development opportunities considered, through thematic meetings for sales, marketing or HR, where we exchange our solutions and advise each other.

Małgorzata Orzechowska

Business Development Representative


First of all, it is a huge amount of new, relevant knowledge – we actively participate in webinars and various events. SoDA is a lively and dynamic organization where you can always count on someone to share their insights. Thanks to SoDA, we also have additional benefits, e.g. private healthcare. We know that it would be difficult to organize something like this on our own, in a small organization like ours.




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Contact form

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