How does SoDA influence the development of member companies?

In previous articles, we described how, thanks to SoDA, you can easily use the bench, participate in industry meetings and freely contact representatives of other software houses from all over Poland. Today, we will show how the use of other SoDA activities can help plan the organization’s development.

“SoDA is a valuable partner in navigating the business map. Thanks to the support of the organization and its members, it is possible to exchange experiences on an ongoing basis, discuss and make new friends, which in our case, often resulted in interesting projects and cooperation — not only commercial ones. That’s good that there is such a place on the web. We are glad that Devapo is part of it.”

Reports and Analysis

The SoDA Research and Analysis Committee works to deepen industry and business insights. In recent months, we have periodically analyzed the situation and moods of Polish software companies in the face, during, and after the pandemic. Three COVID vs. Business reports showed, among others, how quickly IT companies cope with the change of specialization, the transition to remote work, as well as opening up to new clients and projects. The report also revealed which sectors were most exposed to the crisis or worth investing in. The survey also provided information on employment, salaries, and raises.

All COVID vs. Business reports can be found HERE.

The Payroll Report will be the closest study to be carried out by SoDA. A payroll report is one of the most requested documents among IT service employers. And although there are salary statements on the market based on the “spreads” given in job advertisements, there is still no comparison between the actual salaries of developers and other software house employees.

Any SoDA company can participate in the survey. After analyzing the results, companies will receive a ready report that will allow you to compare the actual salaries for individual positions in specific regions of Poland. The study results will also help understand the causes of rotation, commonly found in the IT industry. The report will also allow us to see if other companies are truly competitive in this respect.

The survey is anonymous, and all data will be collected on a secure, dedicated server.

Webinars and Workshops

SoDA webinars and workshops are a good opportunity to gain new knowledge and broaden your skills. We invite experts in specific areas (e.g., sales and marketing in IT, implementation and development of Azure technology, law, or HR in a software house) from external companies to conduct such meetings. Live webinars and online workshops are organized on a regular basis and are divided into closed — dedicated to all employees of member companies and open — available to all interested.

Krzysztof Wojewodzic, CEO Escola, mentions the benefits of SoDA workshops:

“For me, the greatest value of SODA is facing the same problems, therefore often similar solutions. The value I get with SoDA is numerous training, for example, with Szymon Negacz, which helps us to refine our sales activities.”

At SoDA, we organize free workshops in such areas as:

  • technological training for programmers,
  • finances in SH,
  • HR (bench, recruitment, employer branding, organizational culture),
  • law (GDPR, entrepreneurial law, etc.),
  • company and human resource management (leadership, business scaling, public speaking),
  • marketing (content marketing, growth marketing, B2B in SH),
  • foreign markets (DACH, UK, Finnish, Scandinavian, Dutch, French).

We also encourage you to get involved in projects as a speaker — contact us.

SoDA Academy

Most of the workshops and webinars are recorded and available on our educational platform — SoDA Academy. All the knowledge we have gathered during the existence of our organization is available in the most accessible form for all SoDA members.

In addition, the SoDA Academy offers presentations, podcasts, reports, and other valuable materials that you can return to at any time.

How to use SoDA Academy?

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Log in to the platform using your Slack account linked to the SoDA workspace. If you do not have an account on Slack SoDA — write to us.
  3. Click on the topic you are interested in and go to browse the available materials.

What’s more?

Follow the current SoDA initiatives and activities to reap the benefits of membership.

  1. Join Slack SoDA and invite your co-workers to join you — check the discussion channels for developers, HR, marketing, and law department.
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter — if you do not receive the weekly mailing yet — let us know, and we will add you to the mailing base.
  3. Follow SoDA on Facebook and LinkedIn — we also inform you about news and new offers there.

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