How does SoDA enable networking in the IT industry?

The possibility of networking is one of the most valuable values ​​for people in the IT industry. At SoDA, networking is a pillar of the primary mission, which is why we enable it to member companies through events, meetings, and a dedicated Slack. Piotr Kot, COO Datumo, mentions the benefits of networking in SoDA:

“Thanks to SoDA, I met people who face similar challenges every day. The possibility of discussing such topics, coming up with solutions together, and learning from people smarter than I are some of the most critical advantages of SoDA networking. In addition, new collaborations have also been found!”

How to network?

SoDA events are undoubtedly the best networking opportunity. We have created a series of regular meetings with member companies in mind, dedicated to owners, management, or employees of specific departments.

1. SoDA Locals — closed, exclusive meetings for owners and management of companies associated with SoDA. The project aims to facilitate reaching companies with similar challenges and exchanging experiences. SoDA Locals Live takes place once a quarter (for each group) in major cities of a given region. Participants have the opportunity to matchmake and exchange needs that can be satisfied thanks to ideas or solutions from another company. Networking and long conversations are often complemented by good food and the unique atmosphere of a place chosen from among the top spots on the city map.

We also organize the SoDA Locals Online. Each meeting has a specific leading topic and moderator, usually one of the participants.

2. SoDA Connect — is a new initiative for other employees of member companies. The meetings connect specialists from larger departments, such as HR or Marketing, from all companies in SoDA and enable sharing experiences and drawing on advice from others.

Once a quarter, the events are held regularly, have a leading topic of discussion, and are moderated by volunteers, i.e., bosses or employees of various software houses.

SoDA Connect EVENT

3. SoDA Conference is the largest sodium event, attracting the vast majority of member companies and other IT enthusiasts. The two-day conference combines the possibility of networking with a huge community focused on new technologies with a hefty dose of knowledge flowing from the stage — the event is graced by speeches of IT experts and practitioners. Since last year, the SoDA Awards Gala of Industry Awards has been a regular part of the plan.

4. SoDA webinars and training — all employees of SoDA member companies can participate in them. They are held cyclically and relate to the areas of Azure technology, legal issues, or sales and marketing guides. We also try to be up to date with all legal and economic changes that may interest Polish software houses. Following this, we try to organize meetings that, for example, will help clarify the “Polskie Ład” complexness or bring closer the operation of the Poland Business Harbor program.

SoDA Slack

The entire SoDA community, i.e., 180 IT companies from all over Poland, can communicate on a dedicated, closed communicator — Slack SoDA. Everyone can initiate their meeting or start a discussion on a specific channel in this space. It is also a place for the so-called bench, i.e., the exchange of employees or leads. The top 5 channels on Slack SoDA are:

  • #bench_ask / _own — channels for advertisements related to the bench,
  • #general — the main, open channel for industry announcements,
  • #events — channel for information related to SoDA events,
  • #legal — a channel dedicated to legal issues,
  • # q & a — a channel for loose questions, not necessarily related to the IT industry.

Among 180 companies, there are over 30,000 employees with a vast potential of knowledge and experience. It is worth exploring, e.o., by joining one of the SoDA meetings.

We inform about all meetings in the SoDA info newsletter and Slack on the #events channel. Would you like to receive the SoDA newsletter? Write us!

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