3 SoDA events you should add to your calendar

SoDA events definitely attract member companies to the organization for the most. Besides the fact that this is an excellent opportunity to meet new people (and potential partners), they can also get to know the IT trends IT, discuss current challenges and problems, and exchange experiences.

“I decided to join SoDA because this organization brings together all the best Polish Software Houses. Our industry is dynamic, we are affected by legal changes, the IT job market is full of challenges, and it is good to have a safe place to talk about with such an outstanding group. The exchange of know-how for me is the key value of being a SoDA member.”

Firstly, employees moved the conversations from forums and Facebook groups to the small meetups. Then, during the pandemic, teleconferences and organized online events became more and more popular and full of valuable topics and powerful discussions.

Now, most SoDA meetings have a hybrid form, so that participation in the events is comfortable and adapted to the capabilities of all participants. In response to their needs, we decided to establish special types of meetings, dedicated to specific locations, topics of discussion, or types of job positions. Below, we have compiled the three most important groups of meetings that should be permanently entered into your calendars.

1. SoDA Locals

SoDA Locals are closed, exclusive meetings for owners and managers of companies associated with SoDA. The project aims to facilitate reaching companies with similar challenges and the exchange of experiences.

Events take place in specific groups:

  • Global Gold — for the largest companies from all over Poland
  • Silver — for large companies from central Poland
  • Cobalt — for medium and small companies from central Poland
  • Platinum — for large companies from western Poland
  • Magenta — medium and small companies from western Poland
  • Cristal — for large companies from the south of Poland
  • Indigo — for medium and smaller companies from the south of Poland

SoDA Locals Live takes place once a quarter (for each group) in major cities of each region. During these meetings, big, medium, and small companies from similar locations can meet each other and exchange experiences. In this way, smaller companies can ask about the development path of the larger ones, and the latter has a chance to observe systems and solutions implemented in smaller companies. In addition, participants have the opportunity to matchmaking and exchange needs. Every SoDA Local is organized in a special place, chosen from among the top places on the city map. Thanks to this, the networking is often completed by good food and a unique atmosphere.

There is also the online type of this cycle — SoDA Locals Online. It’s also organized as often as Live (and soon more than once a quarter). Each meeting has a specific leading topic and moderator, which is usually one of the SoDA members.

2. SoDA Connect

Okay, you’ve probably realized that SoDA is not only heads but most of all employees of member companies. Exactly 29,000 employees of various specializations (as of February 2022), which is a powerful source of knowledge and contacts. Especially for them, we launch the SoDA Connect initiative — the meetings connecting specialists from larger departments, such as HR or Marketing, from all companies that are in SoDA.

As in SoDA Locals, the meetings are held regularly, have a leading topic of discussion, and are moderated by volunteers, i.e. employees of departments of the various member companies.

For now, SoDA Locals is starting a pilot online formula. The last meeting for the HR group was held on February 16th with the topic “Building remote relationships while working remotely”. The next meeting for the marketing, communication and sales departments is coming in March.

Check our Slack and SoDA newsletter for more information about the upcoming meetings.

3. SoDA Conference

Last but not least… the conference! We have to admit that this is the most wanted and awaited by a whole Team event of the year. SoDA Conference is the largest SoDA event that attracts not only the vast majority of member companies but also other IT enthusiasts. The two-day meeting combines the possibility of networking a huge community focused on new technologies with a large dose of knowledge from the stage — the event is honored by the speeches of experts and practitioners in the IT industry. Last year, the icing on the cake was the SoDA Awards Gala, during which the companies got the awards in the following categories:

  • The innovation
  • High dynamics of growth in export revenues (in 2020 compared to 2019)
  • Positive social impact
  • A project/product that helped educate IT employees
  • The best Employer Branding activities
  • Together for the IT industry (Jury Special Award)
  • Partnership Awards

SoDA Awards photo relation

Watch the SoDA Conference Aftermovie

The SoDA conference is prepared almost all year round, and we invite a professional event agency, PR experts, as well as sponsors and exceptional partners to cooperate with the event. The patronage over last year’s SoDA Conference was taken, among others, by WP, Forbes, and CRN. A specially appointed Jury, composed of famous personalities from the world of technology, industry media, and partner organizations, watches throughout the SoDA Awards competition.

This year, we are not slowing down, planning an event at an equally high, or perhaps even higher level. We can already reveal that the SoDA Conference will be held in the third quarter of 2022, in the south of Poland. Details soon in the newsletter and on SoDA channels.

“SoDA Membership gave us access to people and other companies from the IT industry on a partnership basis. The relaxed atmosphere is conducive to networking, it allows us to exchange experiences on many levels. From C-level meetings where current problems are discussed and industry development opportunities considered, through thematic meetings for sales, marketing, or HR, where we exchange our solutions, share tips, and advise each other. Additionally, knowledge sharing is enriched with webinars and training with experts. Such meetings are held periodically and every specialist in the IT industry will find something for themselves, no matter if they are a programmer or a business developer. The icing on the cake is the annual SoDA conference, which brings together interesting people both on the stage and beyond. It is an opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange insights — after all, we are all looking for similar answers. Regardless of the size of the company, SoDA offers great opportunities. The lead exchange or the bench supports the big and the small ones. We feel that we are among the practitioners who deal with what we face on a daily basis and we can count on substantive discussions and exchange of experiences.”

… What else?

At SoDA, we’re trying to be up to date with all changes that may affect Polish software houses. Following this, we organize meetings that for example helps to explain the “Polski Ład” regulations or clarify the “Poland Business Harbor” program.

All employees of SoDA companies can also participate in regular webinars and training, incl. Azure technology, legal, or sales and marketing guides.

It is worth adding that the entire community of 170 IT companies from all over Poland can contact each other via one closed SoDA Slack messenger. So it is a space where each employee of one company can find a representative of any software house and initiate their meeting. And we constantly encourage you to do so!

Have an idea for a webinar or event? Let us know!

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