SoDA Locals: Katowice

19:00 – 22:05

Place: Katowice

This season, the formula of Locals meetings has been enriched with a lecture that will open the meeting and give it a leading theme. The initiators of the discussion on November 24 will be Olaf Leśniak and Radosław Szmit. In addition, participants will enjoy evening networking with drinks and snacks in a more relaxed atmosphere.


  • Intro SoDA (greeting guests, updating information about the Organization) ~ 5 min
  • Introduction of the meeting participants (name, surname, company, number of people in the company, specialization, current needs) ~ 2 min per company
  • Lecture ~ 30 min
    Olaf Leśniak, Co-founder of Score Digital will lead a presentation entitled Even a dead fish can go with the flow – on how to do marketing with limited resources. Olaf will share his experiences in inbound and outbound marketing
  • Lecture ~ 30 min
    Radosław Szmit, Head of Growth will present the topic of Growth factors in software development agencies. A case study of 700%+ growth
  • Dyskusja, pytania do prelegentów, networking 

Discussion, questions to speakers, networking