Women Can Do IT: “I want to be an effective leader, who cares about people and builds relationships”

SoDA continues to interview interesting women who work in our member companies. We strongly believe that women play more and more significant roles in the widely understood industry. We highly support this trend — diversification means the change of the optics — finally, women will not be treated as strangers in this business — now often perceived as man’s world. That is why we have launched „Women can do IT”, a project presenting female leaders, managers, experts, and specialists from member companies of SoDA.

We’re talking with Donata Rossi an HR Manager from CSHARK, who is leading a team of 12 people — from HR specialists to graphic designers.

What role do you play in your company?

I’m an HR Manager and Line Manager. I’m responsible for people’s daily work and growth. Regular one-on-one meetings help with that — giving people feedback and checking up on them is important in a fairly large organization. Especially when tasks in a team vary from recruitment and administrative, to financial, IT, and design.

What is your formal background and education? How did you end up in IT?

My adventure with IT started by accident, my beginnings were in the manufacturing industry. Responding to a job ad didn’t come naturally but it made me think. Professional growth and working closely with the board, with HR management perspective in a distance, sold me on it. Once you’re in it, you quickly change the perspective. IT is not full of people listening to music on headphones eight hours a day. Sure, there is a fair share of introverts but the name “stereotype” was invented for a reason — some things are just not true. People are actually talkative, open, and focused on finding solutions.

Donata Rossi

How does your typical month of work look like?

A typical month would be a good month (laughing). There is no scheme, it depends on the month and time of year. Most constant elements involve onboardings, especially now, when COVID-19 heavily defines aspects of our jobs and our clients’ realities. I also have three to four daily scrums with different teams and weekly planning meetings. There are also company training for soft skills. I organize them, which requires keeping up with the industry and the newest takes on cooperation.

What is your biggest success in the IT industry?

I would say the trust that I was given by the board and my role as HR Manager over the years. Finding myself in the industry wasn’t easy — a new environment, new people, new rules of engagement. I’m still here, growing and managing not only HR but also new and exciting tasks.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Definitely keeping up with the market. It’s not the easiest pool for the employer. Swimming in it requires people skills — you have to understand IT, professionals. Knowing their expectations is the key. It helps while fighting with other companies over a certain talent. As you well know, there is a lot of fighting (laughs). Observation and constant discussion about what’s new and worth implementing internally are vital for any company. It’s hard not only because the industry is fairly new and still defining itself. It’s hard because there are multiple business needs from different directions and there’s only so much talent on the market to meet these needs. Convincing them to join and then keeping them long-term is not always the easiest thing to do.

What is your professional goal?

I don’t have a precise goal, like “In five years I see myself here, because of that”. With a fast-paced industry like this, you have to be open to whatever comes next. That’s why I want to grow as an HR Manager, especially when fulfilling these shoes didn’t come naturally to me. I don’t see myself as a natural-born leader. Exiting my comfort zone for the first time took a while but now it brings me pure joy and is a source of professional satisfaction. I want to be a successful leader who takes care of people and builds relationships. I would never sacrifice the good of my team for my professional goals.

Thank you for a great and inspirational conversation.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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