Why choose Poland for IT Outsourcing?

#1 Polish programmers are very talented and are among the most qualified in the world. Polish developers start learning to code at a young age, with 7.7% of programmers starting to learn between the ages of five and ten, according to the Developer Skills Report 2018.

#2 The Polish IT market is growing quickly. In recent years, the share of the IT market has accounted for nearly 10% of Polish GDP. In the coming years, analysts predict a steady growth in IT services and an influx of new specialists ready to work.

#3 Polish companies are often chosen as outsourcing partners in the IT industry by large organisations, often because of our strict adherence with data protection policies.In Poland, GDPR is currently in force, ensuring the security of personal data and privacy.

#4 In Poland, 70,000 people study IT every year. Many undertake their education at our most prestigious academic institutions, including those in Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice and Rzeszów.

#5 Poland’s proximity to key European cities such as Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid enables businesses to build partnerships based on efficiency and simplicity.  Polish programmers experience a similar work culture to specialists in the UK, Germany, the USA and France, helping them to fit right into an organisation’s team.

#6 International organisations interested in outsourcing also appreciate the strong knowledge of the English language that Polish specialists have. Poland is currently ranked 16th in the English Proficiency Index. Having a shared and common language better ​​facilitates communications between teams, creating an environment of success for both companies.

#7 While Poland is in the same time zone as Germany and France, our country’s position in the center of Europe means that Polish businesses can easily reach customers in the Middle East, Asia or the United States.

#8 Millions of users use Polish software on a daily basis, such as  contactless payment systems or blockchain. Polish developers create excellent software across many industries. Currently, they are leaders in the field of innovative cloud solutions and are taking bold steps towards the fintech industry. 

#9 The talent and expertise of Polish programmers and their agile approach to tech is appreciated at an international level. This is especially recognised at annual IT and tech events hosted in Poland, which bring specialists and clients together to give people in the industry the opportunity to share knowledge, and potentially forge outsourcing partnerships.

#10 Poland has an excellent IT infrastructure, wide-reaching broadband internet connection and access to various mobile technologies. The developing economy of the country also enables advanced research, which empowers specialists to create the best software that is used all over the world.

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