What can you gain by using the bench?

The “bench” is one of SoDA’s activities most appreciated by member companies. This term, well known among developers, comes from the sports bench, where players sit when they are not playing. Similarly, the SoDAs bench stands for a situation when one employee is waiting for the task, and another company can “borrow” him for a specific project/order.

When the software house needs to borrow or lend a developer’s time, it can announce it on special Slack channels — bench_ask and bench_own. Since the SoDA beginning, users have exchanged as many as 7,000 messages with each other there!

“I was employed at Spyrosoft mainly to develop the bench cooperation with other companies. During this time, thanks to the specialists from our partners from SoDA, we have gained over a dozen new clients, countless projects with existing clients, and we have also managed to involve our specialists in over 30 projects in other companies. The effectiveness of this solution may also be proved by the fact that our team operating the SoDA bench has grown from one to five people over the last year.”

If the “bench” is such a common practice in IT, what is the advantage of using it with SoDA?

  1. Experts — SoDA brings together over 160 companies, which gives almost 27,000 employees from all over Poland. Among them are programmers with experience in nearly all industries and technologies.
  2. Publishing and searching for offers is simple — it takes place on dedicated Slack channels in the closed SoDA workspace.
  3. Safety — SoDA bench takes place in a proven group of trusted companies. All deals are in line with the SoDA “Good Practices” document.
  4. Leads exchange — besides the employees, you can also exchange a client or a project with other SoDA companies.
  5. Savings — instead of hiring an employee for a specific order — you can use an expert from another company. As well as, when your employees become more available, they may come in handy on another company’s project.

The savings aspect is crucial for the owners of SoDA member companies:

“The bench is the core of business cooperation at SoDA. I’ve been using it since the very beginning of SoDA, and the results exceeded my business expectations. You can count on at least 15% revenue if you use it.”

What other benefits push the companies to SoDA? Stay tuned!

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