What are the SoDA profits? Top 8 by member companies

The beginnings

Did you know that SoDA was founded in 2018 by ten companies: Codibly, Spyrosoft, Desmart, Iteo, Revolve, Neoteric, Tenderhut, Mobitouch, HeroDot, and DO OK? The first concept was based on a Facebook group, created for discussions, sharing experiences, and exchanging knowledge. When the group grew up, online networking stopped being enough, and new needs appeared. The collective started to organize local meetups and small informal events. Along with the fall, representatives of the association organized the first big event at the Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises in Katowice. Shortly after that, they decided to register the group as the Software Development Association Poland (SoDA).

Today SoDA counts over 160 software houses from all over Poland, and the companies employ together almost 27,000 employees. There’s also a 9-person SoDA Team responsible for daily tasks, such as administration, onboarding, events and webinars, reports, public advocacy activities, public relations, marketing, or acquiring partnerships and offers dedicated to companies in SoDA.

Why SoDA?

What makes companies want to join the organization? From the very beginning, the association’s unique value was that the companies did not compete with each other. SoDA works in line with good practices agreed with all members. Thanks to inhouse messenger, Slack, and some closed meetings dedicated exclusively to SoDA companies, each of them has the opportunity to exchange experiences and talk about industry problems. Smaller enterprises learn from the bigger ones, and those can observe the development path of the giants within the organization.

Besides networking — which is still the biggest priority of SoDA — many other projects have appeared. Thanks to that, associated companies can develop and expand their knowledge and skills, keep in time with the legal and economic situation and even save money.

What are the biggest advantages appreciated by member companies?

  1. Bench — exchange of employees and leads.
  2. Thematic events, dedicated to each group in SoDA — closed, exclusive meetings for business owners (SoDA Locals), the newest SoDA Connect project for managers, or open events for larger (SoDA Conference) and smaller scale.
  3. Possibility of networking with a large, IT community of over 160 companies.
  4. Help in the company’s development, by the regular training and access to the educational platform for all employees, as well as the possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience.
  5. Public Advocacy and law activities in the areas related to the IT market.
  6. IT industry representation in the media and promotion of Polish software houses in cooperation with a PR agency.
  7. No employees limits — everyone in the company can take benefit of the SoDA offer within one fee.
  8. Saving money thanks to discounts and special offers prepared by SoDA partners.

In the next few weeks, we will try to take a closer look at what and why are the most prominent profits for member companies of SoDA.
Stay tuned!

TOP 8 — SoDA Benefits

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