SoDA as the voice of the IT industry. How do we represent the Polish IT sector?

Previous articles about the benefits of joining SoDA have certainly given you the power to learn how to actively benefit from the best of such a large structure as SoDA in your company. Today is the time to tell more about another pillar of our activity — the representation of the IT industry in the Polish and foreign media. SoDA actively participates in many events for the industry and represents the common voice of IT in Poland and abroad.

Between permanent networking and the fusion of experiences, contacts and countless smiles, we keep our finger on the pulse and always know what’s squeaking in the grass, called IT.

Jacek Kwaśniewski from Eengine said a few words about the role of SoDA as the voice of the industry in the media:

“Being a company associated with SoDA gives us not only the opportunity to cooperate and exchange experiences with other Polish Software Houses, but also a real opportunity to represent ourselves and the entire SoDA organization in the media related to our industry.Last year, SoDA gave my company the opportunity to present the culture of our organization and approach to recruiting in the IT industry at the Hot Zlot event organized by Wirtualna Polska, which really translated into an increase in the number of applications to EENGINE.”

We dynamically react to changes in the law, new trends and the needs of member companies, we can speak on the national and international arena as one common voice. What actions are we taking?

Cooperation with a Polish and British PR agency

Our marketing committee constantly cooperates with Polish and foreign public relations agencies that support us in creating consistent and substantive messages, including to government organizations or potential customers of SoDA member companies. The British breath of freshness in communication and foreign support also allow us to create press releases and short messages that are useful for member companies in managing the organization.

Press releases

We are in constant contact with the industry’s top editorial offices in Poland. Journalists are eager to write about our successes as the SoDA community, and share our knowledge about trends in the IT industry as well as current challenges. Thanks to cooperation with editorial offices, we can share our know-how and create the image of an expert in the IT sector.

Clear and substantive comments for the IT sector

We are pleased that the SoDA organization is more and more often perceived as the common voice of IT. We receive numerous invitations to comment on industry-related topics, as well as Public Advocacy and legal, economic issues. Members of our Public Advocacy committee carefully prepare substantive messages, which raise the most important issues in the industry and at the same time encourage discussion.

Engineered in Poland

We are proud that we can represent Polish, experienced programmers and software houses abroad. We are implementing the Engineered in Poland project. The main assumption of the project is to promote Polish software and programming potential. Polish programmers are among the world leaders in terms of technical skills, knowledge of the English language and flexibility to customer needs. The project is carried out in cooperation with the British PR agency.

Cooperation with the media

Every year we organize many networking meetings, as well as a SoDA Conference for the IT industry. Our events are attended by representatives of local, industry and the largest national media, such as Forbes, Rzeczpospolita, or Wirtualna Polska. We value cooperation with editorial offices and journalists. With the help of their websites, we can share knowledge and the results of meetings with industry representatives.

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