Public Advocacy — how SoDA fights for a better legal environment for the IT industry?

The Public Advocacy Committee is one of the most active Committees in SoDA. Thanks to its activities, companies can be up to date with changes in legal regulations and can obtain legal support. The main activity of the Committee is the representation of the IT industry through meetings with public institutions and government representatives, as mentioned by Konrad Gierula, Legal Advisor, Luxoft Poland Sp. z o.o .:

SoDA actively participates in creating new Polish laws and representing the business environment of IT companies in contact with offices of all levels and government agencies. Last year, I had the best memories of the cooperation between specialists from our company and SoDA during public consultations related primarily to the new regulations on remote work, whistleblowers, foreigners, and, above all, the Polish Lada. SoDA perfectly recognizes the moods of the IT industry and helps to express them in contact with administrative bodies. I appreciate the numerous specialized meetings organized by SoDA and conducted by law firms cooperating with SoDA.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, the Public Advocacy Committee at SoDA:
⚖️ Monitors and consults all strategic documents related to financing for the IT sector;
⚖️ Has access to market information and current reports;
⚖️ Consults on legislative changes;
⚖️ Is in constant contact with PAIH, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and GovTech to develop and improve the Poland Business Harbor program further. 

What are the Committee’s activities now?

Public Advocacy SoDA

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