One SoDA membership fee — significant savings for the company budget and benefits for the entire team

At SoDA, we ensure member companies get the most out of our opportunities and solutions. Whether your software house employs 10 people or 100 — as part of one annual membership fee, each team can take advantage of the knowledge and numerous discount offers. This is not only a chance for networking but also access to a whole range of benefits!

Training and practical materials for specialists

Thanks to access to the SoDA Academy platform and the possibility of participating in online webinars, entire HR, marketing, and sales teams can gain new knowledge, e.g., regarding the latest trends or the most significant challenges in the IT industry.

The SoDA Academy platform was created with the thought of developing the knowledge of member companies. We actively engage in the IT industry and collect valuable know-how to make it available in an accessible and intuitive online form. Everyone will find something for themselves here. Managers and specialists interested in human resource management can use materials on effective recruitment, employer branding or organisational culture.

On the SoDA Academy platform, we can find a lot of inspiring materials in the field of business scaling or public speaking. The platform offers research and reports developed by SoDA and industry insights on the software house market. We also presented information about the “Polski Ład” and Poland Business Harbor program, as well as discounts and subsidies. The Legal section also offers valuable and up-to-date contract templates, e.g., GDPR.

Advantageous offers and partnerships for companies

Business development involves many costs, so we have a range of discounts, partnerships and special offers for all member companies. We work with such service providers as FOTC, Deviniti, Medicover, Innergo, Infiniti Brokerzy Ubezpieczeniowi. SoDA members enjoy discounts on Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Atlassian licences, medical packages and dedicated insurance offers. Special discount offers on Apple computer hardware, accessories, and the possibility of listing the software house in the Clutch catalogue are also popular.

Member companies can benefit from substantive knowledge of such partners as IT Ukraine Association, Silicon Saxony, PAIH, Swiss Chamber Poland, or Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce. These partnerships are aimed at the exchange of knowledge. We operate dynamically, incl. at the Stockholm Tech Live or British IT Forum.

Savings for the recruiting budget

SoDA membership is access to an IT bench. We prepared a space for member companies looking for an employee for their project teams. How does it work? The bench is a so-called borrowing employee.

The idea behind the bench is the possibility of finalising projects within the prescribed period with the help of additional team members, as well as support for the budget of entrepreneurs who currently do not have open projects in their software house and do not want to lose employees. The bench in SoDA is treated as a safety buffer and an opportunity for development. Employees waiting on the bench quickly join new projects, earn money, and managers can calmly and without stress prepare an action strategy to find new customers and establish solid cooperation.

Member companies on SoDA communication channels are eager to share valuable knowledge on complex employment topics. They often discuss the possibilities of scaling the company, employment under a B2B contract, or the benefits of remote work. Software houses join forces and gain customers together. Thanks to such activities, they strengthen the Polish IT market and operate in the long term.

The bench is a significant saving for the budget of companies because it reduces the costs of the recruitment process. In many cases, companies do not have to post many advertisements on portals with work in the IT industry. Thanks to an effective recommendation system, managers can quickly see the CV and portfolio of a recommended candidate for a job.

Membership in SoDA is an opportunity for the dynamic development of business and employees. Thanks to one fee, you can build a contact database, use substantive knowledge, and save money and time for a long-term search for experienced employees. Polish software houses can focus on scaling projects without stress due to time-consuming recruitment processes or creating contracts. It is worth joining us today and taking advantage of the best in our offer.

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