Microsoft Azure solutions delivered by Future Processing — a step towards digital transformation

The subject of cloud computing has been on everyone’s lips for the past 20 years. In this time, the number of companies that use this solution has grown considerably. According to Gartner, Inc., 75% of all databases will be migrated to a cloud platform by 2022. The numbers are really impressive and the events of 2020 simply confirm that cloud computing is the direction that companies should take if they want to provide top-quality services to their clients.

Cloud services are also the first thing that comes to mind when considering digital transformation of business. Cloud-based solutions allow companies to meet the current market needs and to optimise their internal processes.

Azure for Fintech

Cloud storage for the financial sector? By all means! Deloitte predicts that the cloud will be among the most popular technologies implemented to banking systems by 2030.

Demica is one of the companies that have significantly benefitted from digital transformation. As a market-leading provider of working capital solutions to large organisations and financial institutions, they have adopted a series of modern technologies to create a powerful and intuitive SaaS platform that connects 500 large corporations in 35 countries to 50 global banks to deliver over $16 billions of funding.

Specialists at Future Processing identified the needs of the new functionality and proposed the best technology solution. The team has grown over time to include Developers, Solution Architects, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, and UX Designers.

The infrastructure created for Demica makes use of the possibilities offered by Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions. Its high-level performance enables over 100 million invoices to be processed each day, ensuring data security at the same time.

Access to reliable services of the best quality and state-of-the-art technologies including the cloud made it possible for Demica to take dynamic decisions, setting them apart from the competition in the capital finance market.

Azure for industry in less than 100 days

The cloud is also a perfect solution for industry. Firstly, it ensures data security; secondly, it provides unlimited access to data to all persons in an organisation, which can markedly improve information flow and accelerate internal processes. Would you like an example? Here you go — the system supporting carsharing services commissioned by Linde, created in less than 100 days.

Linde is a leading industrial gas and engineering company that employs about 65,500 people in over 100 countries across the world. One of their projects is called BeeZero®.

Initially, the company was only interested in developing new modules to be integrated with the existing solution to create a hybrid structure. Over time, the plan evolved and Linde decided to implement a non-standard system to include all the service areas of BeeZero®. We created this system from scratch at Future Processing.

In order to develop a tailored system, we had to use Analysis and Design services. The end product of our work was a project of a personalised carsharing management system, including the base, website (, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Thanks to the solutions applied in the system, including the cloud, there was a 99% decline in the number of problems with navigation among clients in the first month of using the app and a 50–60% decline in the costs of car servicing. All that despite the growth in the general number of cars used.

Azure for transport: the cloud and parking meters

Another interested project based on Azure that we were part of was developed for Flowbird — the world’s largest parking meter producer.

Flowbird uses terminals and mobile apps to provide services to more than 100 million users. Our cooperation began in 2008. Ever since that time, Future Processing has supported the numerous business entities of Flowbird.

Future Processing delivered ticketing software for public transport networks, encompassing control panels, ticket punching and vending machines, control devices, and a complex back-office system. Thanks to basing the solution on the functions offered by the cloud, we were able to meet the business expectations of Flowbird and their clients around the world.

The number of cloud-based projects developed at Future Processing is constantly growing. This is related to the evolution of firms that want to fulfill the needs of their customers in times when more and more services are performed remotely. The cloud offers a number of opportunities, regardless of your business profile and location. It is the key to digital transformation.

Jarosław Kacprzak
PR Manager, Future Processing

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