How did Vimanet help to reduce the spread of infections in hospitals by wireless technology using Azure cloud solutions?

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Our client — Sani nudge is a Danish healthcare technology company with the mission of eliminating hospital-acquired infections. Sani nudge delivers an innovative system to monitor the behavior of medical personnel in the context of compliance with hand hygiene procedures. The system connects data from a network of specially designed IoT devices, combining them with a dedicated platform.

Despite specific guidelines for hand hygiene in hospitals, infections related to hospital-acquired infections are still a huge problem. Only in Denmark, 60,000 patients are infected every year as a result of violations or non-compliance with hospital hygiene procedures by medical personnel. This is particularly dangerous for cancer patients with weakened immune systems.

The lack of reliable data is a huge barrier for any hospital to stop the spread of infections. For this reason, our client has designed specific hand hygiene monitoring software to show how hospitals can reduce the risk of infections. The keystone of the project was to increase patients’ safety by developing a web app connected to the special chip worn by medical staff.



The new customized solution that we created for Sani nudge is a combination of data sent by IoT devices to the cloud-based platform. Each member of the medical staff is equipped with an electronic identifier, while dispensers with a hand disinfectant and patient beds in hospital rooms are equipped with devices detecting the activity of people within their reach. The data is recorded and sent to a system that detects whether an employee has encountered a critical moment for hand hygiene (e.g. during contact with a patient).

The main goal of the project was to create a platform that could handle a wide stream of large amounts of data (Big Data) in real-time and to design an interface that would be intuitive and easy to use at the same time. We have created a unique dashboard for tracking the progress of hand hygiene monitoring and present reposts. One of the solutions for the web application included developing cloud-based IoT software. Using Microsoft Azure cloud solution, we have started working on the system to improve the quality of database management and enable to track the progress easily, draw conclusions, generate reports for medical staff in a clear data panel and automatically email them by desktop or mobile devices.

Now we are working on optimizing the existing system to face the growing scale of the solution and at the same time deploying new functionalities to enable people to gain a better insight into the data on all possible devices — desktops, laptops, and mobiles.


Rapid data processing by beacon integration resulted in a very smooth working app, that is quite self-explanatory and easy to use. The app responds to the high demand to prevent infections from spreading in hospitals through appropriate data analysis. Thanks to this solution, heads of medical institutions can constantly measure the effects and pay more attention to proper care of the hand hygiene of their staff. Several hospitals have achieved the success of saving lives and millions of euros as a result of the introduction of a hand hygiene monitoring system. The effects of our cooperation are incredibly satisfying and the numbers show how much success has been achieved so far:

  • more than 1,000 chips worn by medical personnel in Europe,
  • the system has been introduced in such countries as Denmark, Finland, and Germany,
  • hand disinfection in medical facilities has been increased by as much as 30%,
  • the spread of infections in hospitals was reduced by 18%.

It is worth mentioning that Sani nudge was nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award in the “startup” category. Having seen this potential and scale of the project, we are still working on additional features that will be implemented soon.

Sabina Irzyk
Marketing Manager

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