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Why join SoDA

We integrate the Polish software development industry by teaming up with companies, providing tools and sharing best practices.

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Why join SoDA

Our committees got your back in all crucial areas:



Marta Kępa / partnerships@sodapl.com

The Partnerships committee enables the members to broaden their scope of business to the foreign markets by providing opportunities to participate in various types of events, business or B2B meetings. It constitutes the platform which aims at generating new opportunities for the associated companies, especially to build a vast professional network. The committee manages the partnerships that might provide benefits to the members in terms of discounts for services or products.

Main goals:
  • Establishment of partnerships for the Organisation
  • Increase of the sales skills among the members - educational actions
  • Enabling the reach of new markets and industries for the members

Membership & Administration


Justyna Manikowska / contact@sodapl.com

The membership committee ensures that the onboarding process for the new company joining SoDA goes smoothly. Providing all the necessary administration help for the Organisation the committee is the first point of contact for the joining companies as well as for our members. What is more, the committee introduces the new company to SoDA Bench - an internal system of exchanging resources which you can rely on. Our system is trustworthy due to the fact that all the companies within the association hold the same ideas and share the same goals.

Main goals:
  • Assistance to the members at each stage of the membership
  • Support of the cooperation between members

Networking & Communities


Kamila Gabryś  / networking@sodapl.com

The committee chairs meetings in IT-companies-rich areas. Making the best of regular networking and SoDA Locals meetings, the committee focuses on establishing relationships between IT companies in neighboring areas - not only those associated in SoDA. Shortly, the committee’s actions will be the spark to light the fire of grassroots unifying initiatives.

Main goals:

  • Communicating SoDA’s inside events
  • Encouraging IT companies to acknowledge with the SoDA concept
  • Creating the space to establish and maintain relationships with local IT companies



Katarzyna Stabińska / legal@sodapl.com

The legal committee supports Software Houses (SH) development through creating basic contracts used by SH’s, spreading the knowledge regarding business’ legal aspects, supporting owners in running their companies and avoiding possible threats resulting from law misinterpretations.

Main goals:
  • Sharing experiences related to the legal aspects of running a software house
  • Creating tools for the efficient creation of basic contracts used by the organization’ members
  • Providing answers to frequently asked or most crucial questions of member companies in the scope of legal matters



Krzysztof Rychlicki-Kicior / education@sodapl.com

The education committee works on broadening the industry knowledge and skills both internally - for member companies and their staff - and externally, through conducting educational actions among potential hires, clients and other companies in the industry.

Main goals:
  • Promoting Software Houses as workplaces
  • Increasing competencies of the managerial staff and teams of companies associated in SoDA
  • Promoting SoDA as the knowledge source and an experience exchange platform for Polish Software Houses

Research & Analysis Committee


Michał Moroz / research@sodapl.com

We provide factual data on the current state of Polish IT industry in forms of reports and analytics commentaries for SoDA members and other interested parties, including potential investors and public administration.


Main goals:

  • Providing SoDA members with data and recommendations

  • Maintaining a shared understanding of the Software Development sector in Poland for its stakeholder







Angelika Siudzińska / marketing@sodapl.com

The marketing committee supports the Presidium and remaining committees by ensuring efficient internal and external communication, as well as contributes to event & outbound missions management, promotional materials creation, and social media content.

Main goals:
  • Building the SoDA brand image as a trustworthy organization representing the Polish Industry
  • Promoting SoDA and its members as companies providing the finest software compliant with best standards
  • Promoting the “Developed in Poland” brand
  • Supporting internal communication between SoDA and its members



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