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Value Proposition part II: Distinctive Mapping


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Value Proposition part II: Distinctive Mapping


SoDA Academy Sales - we invite you to the next series of new sales workshops for SoDA member companies!


The next meeting is on 23/11. at 10:00. We have a solid dose of knowledge divided into two meetings:

The second meeting will focus on the Value Proposition, namely Distinctive Mapping!


We'll consider:


  • What is a Distinctive Map, and why is it worth creating in your SH?

  • How to define unique features for the client?

  • 3 methods of creating a Distinctive Map in SH

  • How to ensure the continuous development of the discriminant map?

The meeting will be hosted by CustomerCentric Selling Poland, and the speaker will be:


Grzegorz Domagała - An expert in the field of sales processes and sales management, a member of the international team of trainers and consultants of the CustomerCentric Selling methodology


Stay tuned for the next upcoming workshop: Prospecting: Initiating the sales process

Closed meeting for SoDA members!

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