Value Proposition part 1 - Market Mapping |

Value Proposition part 1 - Market Mapping


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SoDA Academy Sales - we invite you to the next series of new sales workshops for SoDA member companies!

We start on November 16! During three meetings you will gain a large dose of knowledge.

The first meeting is about Value Proposition, namely Market Mapping!


We'll consider:

- How to define markets in which it is profitable to operate?


- What should I know about the market before I start communication?


- And finally - How to create market maps that help increase the effectiveness of marketing, prospecting, and sales activities?


The first meeting will be hosted by CustomerCentric Selling Poland, and the speaker will be:

Grzegorz Domagała - An expert in the field of sales processes and sales management, a member of the international team of trainers and consultants of the CustomerCentric Selling methodology.


Two more workshops coming soon:

Value Proposition: Distinguishing Mapping

Prospecting: Initiating the sales process

Closed meeting for SoDA members!


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've decided to go fully ONLINE with out meetups.



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