The DNA of the remote company - tips & tricks |

The DNA of the remote company - tips & tricks


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During this meeting, we will talk about why the mere sending of employees to the home office doesn't make the company remote.

Jan Zborowski will tell us how to build a culture of the remote company, how to maintain employee engagement and motivation, and how to integrate the team.


Jan Zborowski is a partner and Business Developer at SoftwareMill. The unique organizational culture of this IT company consists of several elements:

* No office. Since 2009, the team works only remotely, employees perform tasks in various cities, scattered across the map from the Baltic to the Tatra Mountains.

* No secrets. Everyone knows how much their colleagues earn, what is the company's financial results and has free access to all information.

* Self-organization and responsibility. The organizational structure is based on trust in the team and bottom-up initiative.



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