More than a Boss - tools and skills for building committed teams |

More than a Boss - tools and skills for building committed teams


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There are so many projects, programmers, and other IT professionals. At the same time, the number of team leaders is not growing so fast. People are often left without proper preparation and support. Frustration arises, and colleagues who see others are no longer interested in managing teams. They're leaving bad bosses.

So how can you expect above-average results in such a case?

As Simon Sinek says - most things break in half. Middle management. It starts right at the top, but with little impact on the hierarchy, you can create a good place to work for yourself and your team.


Join the meeting and see how using even simple managerial tools can increase job satisfaction and commitment of team members.


Speaker: Adrian Sasin, Managing Director and Head of Strategic Business Unit Technical Delivery at the School of IT Managers and the British Council


Adrian is a Senior IT manager leading teams from Poland, India, China, and England. He has gone from technical expert to leader and is now helping other IT professionals to better cope with the managerial role. For his achievements, he was awarded as the Top10 IT managers in the IT Manager of Tomorrow competition.