How to Build Products in the Software House Effictively? |

How to Build Products in the Software House Effictively?


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Dmitrij Żatuchin, CEO & Founder DO OK will be talking about the digitization of classic business thanks to the DoConnect platform:


“The heating company from Norway, a piggy bank for children, fire alarms. Different industries and the size of the client, a common need - setting up devices and data analysis. DoConnect addresses these needs and Azure helps to run it.”


Damian Szalewicz, Chief Product Officer, Grow Uperion at TenderHut will present the topic: Remotely, to the goal, and with bigger commitment! - The recipe for growth in the organization.


“A juicy portion of knowledge, surrounded by a sauce of unusual tasks, seasoned with a pinch of appreciation. All this is embellished with a gamification plot and wrapped in solid Azure tools.”


Jacek Ratajczak, CEO Zonifero, Grupa TenderHut will be talking about the digital interface for the offices.


"Zonifero. Skyscraper(s). A short story about how a certain cloud application based on Azure was created to help colleagues find their way in the office has become a management system for the largest office buildings in Poland. And also that it's not the CEO or CTO that digitizes offices, but Covid-19."


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