ARM, DevOps, CAF with Well Architecture Framework - workshop |

ARM, DevOps, CAF with Well Architecture Framework - workshop


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We invite you to a workshop with Tomasz Kopacz - "ARM, DevOps, CAF with Well Architecture Framework. How to control a larger cloud implementation so that it works as expected and (almost) within the budget".

During the session, we will look at how large projects can be run using Azure. We will focus on both "governance" - in various scenarios, architecture, and, of course, development costs (and maintenance of the final project).

We will discuss the concepts of CAF, WAF, and the main technologies: Azure DevOps, GitHub, ARM Template, Azure REST API / CLI, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprint, Azure Active Directory, Azure Monitor. And AKS, App Service, and many other Azure services that are "part" of implemented applications.

Tomasz Kopacz works with architects and programmers, helping to build good applications and choose from many available software components. An expert in the field of Cloud Computing (Azure since 2008) and .NET programming. He also helps in organizing the team and project (appropriate tools, methodology, management, etc.). Currently, he helps software development companies to build innovative products using the Microsoft platform.

He often speaks at various conferences, conducting both architectural and highly technical sessions. He was a judge in all Polish editions of the ImagineCup competition. Tomasz is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology (FTiMS). Then he had his own consulting / programming company. After joining Microsoft, he served as Architect Evangelist and Technical Evangelist. Currently, he works as a CEE Strategic Partner Tech Recruit and Innovation Lead.