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Webinar # 34 - Each software is critical


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We invite you to webinar # 34



Each software is critical  (that is what we learned creating the software that human life depends on).


Developing software that can affect human life requires specific methodologies and tools, and the problems that arise in such a development process require unique solutions. During the webinar, we will tell you what we've learned from working with critical software and what activities should be transferred to everyday work on an "ordinary" IT product. We will also answer the questions on how tests help to implement communication and whether the code quality always pays off.





- Maciej Gajdzica - Senior Software Developer, Embedded Systems Developer at Solwit SA, specializing in safety-critical systems. He worked, among others, on the train traffic control system and recently developing software for the medical industry. The promoter of good practices - especially TDD - in the embedded industry. In his free time, he constructs a Micromouse robot that finds its way in the labyrinth and describes this process on his blog http://ucgosu.pl/



- Piotr Strzałkowski - Embedded Domain Manager at Solwit S.A. Engineer with a thirteen-year-old experience in the embedded systems industry, specializing in automotive and safety-critical projects, at the same time a fan of RC modeling and mechanical tuning of all vehicles.


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