Deep work – the superpower of the 21st century?

11:00 – 13:00


  • Your opinion on deep work;
  • What is deep work?
  • Deep work and purposeful practice;
  • Different types of deep work;
  • Techniques and tools that help in such work;
  • Your first step?
  • Q&A.

The whole thing will last 120 minutes. There will be a short break after an hour.


Dominik Juszczyk – Gallup-Certified Strength Coach, Team Efficiency and Productivity Consultant. In his personal philosophy – a document he creates to describe how he wants to act and think – he has it written that he is a dad, a friend, a stoic and a runner. I am also passionate and a specialist in productivity using talents and proven techniques and tools for effective operation. He is constantly looking for ways to act wisely and intentionally and consciously builds habits.

The meeting is dedicated to SoDA members.